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2 Leave a comment on paragraph 2 2 Hello and welcome to my website. I’m a junior research fellow at the Institute of Historical Research in London, a senior teaching fellow at the School of Oriental and African Studies, and (from Fall 2016) an incoming assistant professor in Columbia University’s Department of East Asian Languages and Cultures. My research interests include the relationship between wildlife and sovereignty conservation in the North Pacific, the transnational wartime origins of the Yangtze Three Gorges Dam, and the political ecology of shit in the Greater Tokyo area. In September 2015 I successfully defended my doctoral dissertation – entitled “Feathers, Fertilizer and States of Nature: Uses of Albatrosses in the U.S.-Japan Borderlands” –  in final examination before Princeton University’s Department of History.

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4 Leave a comment on paragraph 4 1 If you are visiting this page in December 2015, there’s a high chance it’s in connection with the upcoming IHR Director’s Seminar on Wednesday 9th December. If so, you can find my paper here: “Attacked by Excrement: The Political Ecology of Shit in Wartime and Postwar Tokyo”. You can find my co-presenter John Morgan’s paper here: “Financing flood security in eastern England, 1567-1826″. Both papers are password protected. If you haven’t received the password, please feel free to email either one of us and we will be happy to grant you access.