Schoolchildren performing morning calisthenics, Yaeyama Islands, Okinawa (1939)


UN1361 Intro to East Asian Civilizations: Japan (Spring 2021)

GR8839 Borderland Japan (Fall 2020)

GR8839 Colloquium in Modern Japanese History) (Spring 2019)

GU4847 Modern Japan (Spring 2019)

GR6200 MA workshop in East Asian History (Spring 2018)

GU4822 Troubled Islands of the Indo-Pacific (Spring 2017)

GR8839 Japan: Science, Environment, Technology (Fall 2017)

In Spring 2021 my Japan Civ students and I discussed bill wurtz’s phenomenally successful “history of japan”, which has racked up 66+ million views on youtube. You can see a brief summary of our conclusions in this reaction video: