Research & Writing


Japan’s Ocean Borderlands: Nature and Sovereignty (Cambridge University Press, 2023)

“Attacked by Excrement: The Political Ecology of Shit in Wartime and Postwar Tokyo” Environmental History. April 2018

“Total War & Big Hydro: The Transnational Wartime Origins of the Yangtze Three Gorges Dam” [WORKING PAPER]


“Travels in a Vanished City: On Timon Screech’s Tokyo Before Tokyo and Amy Stanley’s Stranger in the Shogun’s City” in The Los Angeles Review of Books (11 November 2020)

Review of BEYOND HAWAI’I: Native Labor in the Pacific World. By Gregory Rosenthal. Oakland: University of California Press, 2018 in Environmental History 24 (October 2018)

Review of CURSE ON THIS COUNTRY: The Rebellious Army of Imperial Japan. By Danny Orbach.  Ithaca; London: Cornell University Press, 2017 in Pacific Affairs 91:2 (June 2018)


“The cordon sanitaire is a model for future Covid travel rules”, Financial Times (12 January 2022) [paywalled but free, extended version viewable here]

“Chonaikai ga korona-ka de koso yakuwari o hakki dekiru rikutsu: butsuri-teki kyori o torasetsutsu, tunagari mo tsukureru” [Neighbourhood associations can show their usefulness in the coronavirus pandemic: they can maintain social distancing whilst forging new connections], Tōyō Keizai Online (8 May 2020)

“In the fight against COVID-19, neighborhood associations could be Japan’s ace in the hole”, The Japan Times (26 April 2020)

“Corona as Kaijū: A View From Japan”, The Reed (Spring 2020)

“COVID-19 and ‘Wartime Mobilization’ on the Record with Dr. Paul Kreitman (Columbia)”, Japan on the Record, podcast audio (3 April 2020)

Kentaro Iwata, (Paul Kreitman trans.)  “What Japan’s lockdown debate is missing”, The Diplomat (6 April 2020) 

“Going to ‘War’ Against Coronavirus: Lessons in home front mobilization from war-time East Asia”, The Diplomat (25 March 2020)

“The Midway of our Movie Screens Ignores its Place within America’s Empire”, The New Statesman (8 November 2019)

Interview with Tristan Grunow, The Meiji at 150 Podcast, podcast audio (28 June, 2019)

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